Hey! Thanks for dropping by my website! Here is where you can buy new firearms discounted and transferred to you in person in Charlotte, NC or to a FFL near your home. Joe I got into this business because I wanted to help my friends satisfy their firearms purchase desires and make everybody a little money in the process. So, I got my FFL, did all the tax, zoning and credit line stuff, and now I am enjoying the smiles across the table as I do the transfer to them. Easy? Well, it is a bit of work, but I enjoy the process of serving folks. It keeps me busy, and for an old retired guy, that’s a good thing! I believe I can save you some money for first class products from my wholesale distributors and the kind of service I’d want if I were sitting on your side of the table. Tactical to pristine keepsakes, I’d be honored if you would give me a try!
Joe Simpkins